Variety in the Hamptons

The Hamptons is known for seaside resorts, expensive real estate, fabulous shopping boutiques, extravagant wedding venues, upbeat nightlife, historical landmarks, museums, vineyards, and a great cultural experience, but that is not all, many people travel to this popular tourist destination to visit the restaurants. The restaurants in the Hamptons can cater to varying tastes. If you are looking for Mexican cuisine, you will find a variety of venues to suit your needs; however, those who want an upscale dining experience can find a variety of fine-dining restaurants in the Hamptons as well.

Ambiance and Presentation

While you may visit a restaurant in the Hamptons for the good food, some people go to these venues for the ambience. There are a variety of venues in the Hamptons that provide customers with an atmosphere that they will never forget. This could include seating under pillared outdoor patios, restaurants that offer you a view of the Harbor, or venues that have fireplace-lined dining rooms. Some restaurants have campfire settings as well.

The ambiance is not the only draw to some of the restaurants in the Hamptons; many people go to these restaurants to see how the food is prepared. Some chefs believe that the preparation and presentation of the meals are more important that the location of, or the settings inside of, the restaurant itself. The meals are not only delicious, but the way they are served is creative. Even the desserts at some of the restaurants in this area are just as elegant as the venue.

Dinner and Dancing

If you are looking for a restaurant that sells food, and allows you to party all night, the Hamptons has plenty of them. When you eat at a restaurant that turns into a club or bar after hours, your dinner will guarantee that you have access to the bar once the crowd starts arriving after 10 or 11 p.m. The ambience will depend on the type of crowd you are searching for. There are restaurants in the Hamptons that have a rowdy crowd, and there are restaurants that are more laid back and offer you a sophisticated experience. The type of food served, and music played, will determine the type of crowd that the restaurant attracts.

Dining in one of these restaurants in the Hamptons allows you to save time getting around. Instead of going out to eat, and then driving to a club or bar, you can party all night at the same restaurant where you had dinner.

Calling Ahead

Some of the restaurants in the Hamptons allow you to make reservations, but some of these fabulous eateries do not. You will experience long waits at some of the most popular restaurants in town, so it is a good idea to get there early. You are least likely to have an issue finding a table if you are dining during the day, compared to eating a meal later in the evening or at night.


When you are searching for restaurants in the Hamptons, you will not run out of options. You can choose from seafood restaurants, taco shacks, sushi bars, burger spots, Italian restaurants, and more. If you want to dine and dance, there are plenty of Hampton restaurants that give you that option. If you want to dine indoors, you can. You can also eat at restaurants with outdoor seating that allows you to take in the wonderful views of the Hamptons. There are beach restaurants that allow you to sit near the beach and eat at the same time.

Regardless of what type of ambience you are looking for, or food you want to eat, you will always find a place to dine while visiting the Hamptons!

Enjoy a Taste of Luxury in Southampton, NY

As one of the nation’s hottest vacation spots, Southampton, NY is filled with some of the best restaurants in the area. With a broad range of eateries featuring different national origins, there is certainly something appealing for everyone. As you read this article, you’ll learn more about Southampton restaurants and all they have to offer.


Because Southampton is comprised of more than 50% water, there’s no doubting the quality of fresh seafood found here. One of the best restaurants in Southampton NY offers a plethora of tasty, seafood-oriented main courses like grilled salmon with braised lentils and caramelized veggies, wild shrimp, scallops, and mussels atop Italian short-grain rice, mussels, shrimp, and fin fish stew complete with potatoes, steamed hard shell lobster, poached lobster served with asparagus, homemade lobster ravioli, wild mushroom stuffed crab cakes, and more. After enjoying fresh seafood, feel free to indulge in any of the rich desserts, which include chocolate banana bread pudding paired with vanilla gelato, chocolate truffle cake paired with cappuccino gelato, salty caramel ice cream sundae topped with candied walnuts and caramel sauce, and more.

French Food

Southampton is also home to some amazing French cuisine. One of the best restaurants in Southampton NY is renowned for offering an extensive dinner menu, overflowing with an abundance of exquisite appetizers, salads, and entrees. Praiseworthy appetizers include hummus with pickled veggies and freshly baked bread, local oysters, fried calamari, braised pork belly with a maple-cider vinegar glaze, ricotta gnocchi with roasted butternut squash and pancetta, a charcuterie plate featuring duck prosciutto and wild boar, and more. Refreshing salad options include the arugula salad with red grapes and almonds, the kale salad with currants and roasted pine nuts, the Caesar salad, and more. If reading the appetizer and salad options made your mouth water, the entrees surely will not disappoint. Impeccable entrees include truffled chicken breast with wild mushroom risotto, local black sea bass with artichoke hearts and onions, pork shank with roasted pumpkin and dried fruits, seared duck breast with butternut squash and tart cherries, boneless beef short ribs with potatoes and a horseradish cream, and more.

Italian Food

Southampton is also known for having some noteworthy Italian food. One luxurious Italian restaurant even has a menu dedicated entirely to Panini’s. Panini options here feature a tasty blend of meats, cheese, and veggies and can be stuffed with your choice of Mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, Swiss cheese, marinated artichokes, celery, sautéed onions, roasted peppers, grilled tomatoes, veal, chicken, salami, tuna, salmon, olive oil, eggplant pesto, honey Dijon mustard, mustard dill sauce, and more. This fine Italian restaurant also boasts a decadent dessert selection that includes chocolate mousse cake stuffed with chocolate custard, hazelnut sponge cake with hazelnut cream and caramelized almonds, puff pastry with vanilla cream, almond pound cake with hazelnut wafers and chocolate mousse, shortbread with plums, pears, and apples, ricotta cheesecake topped with raspberry ganache and whipped cream, tiramisu drizzled with mascarpone cream and espresso beans, white sponge cake layered with espresso beans and pistachios, pear sorbet drizzled with brandy, lemon sorbet drizzled with prosecco, vanilla gelato, chocolate gelato, and more. For those wishing to enjoy a traditional Italian beverage with their dessert, delicious drinks include espresso, cappuccino, jasmine tea, green tea, mint tea, vanilla tea, black tea, chamomile tea, and more.


There’s no denying the appeal of restaurants in Southampton NY. Whether you’re itching for seafood, French food, or Italian food, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy a grand dining experience in Southampton.

Southampton Restaurants: Where Foodies Need to Be

Only a stone’s throw away from Manhattan, Southampton is the perfect place to take a break from the big city. Whether you’re tired of the endless daily commutes or want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the work week, head to Southampton for a short weekend getaway.

Among the many activities you can do in Southampton, be sure to visit some Southampton restaurants.

Restaurant Hopping in Southampton

New York City is famous for its restaurants, Southampton has been kept a secret for years. Southampton restaurants offer a variety of quality food from around the world, including China, southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America and more.

Similar to other parts of the east coast, Southampton restaurants are famous for seafood. If you’re going to spend an entire weekend in the area, consider visiting at least four or five different restaurants. Doing this will allow you to get a full taste of what Southampton has to offer.

Restaurant hopping in Southampton is the perfect weekend getaway idea for couples and families alike. To get the most out of your weekend, plan your restaurant visits well ahead of schedule.

Planning a Special Event? Head to Southampton

Southampton is well known for its relaxing atmosphere and vibrant foodie community. These two factors have combined to make the perfect destination for people looking to plan or host special events.

Southampton restaurants can provide a great atmosphere for you and your guests. Choose from a variety of restaurants that cater to different tastes. Because restaurants in Southampton are widely popular, it may be best to book your reservation well ahead of the big day. Notify the restaurant of the estimated amount of guests so they can give you an approximate price of how much it will cost to host your event at their restaurant.

Choosing Southampton restaurants for your special events over other locations is ideal because the atmosphere in the area is like no other in the world.

The Benefits of Finding Restaurants in South Hampton NY Online

Whether you live in South Hampton, NY or if you are just visiting and in town, finding the best restaurants in the area can be done with both local and online resources whether you are currently a resident or not. Searching for restaurants in South Hampton NY online is highly recommended even if you are not familiar with the area, and provides a number of benefits that can ultimately help you to save not only time, but potentially money on your total dining bill.

Methods of Finding Restaurants in South Hampton

You can search for restaurants in South Hampton NY by utilizing traditional local business directories, asking for referrals from friends and family members and even conducting your own research right from home, online.

The Benefits of Finding Restaurants in South Hampton NY Online

Looking for restaurants in South Hampton NY online is a way for you to save time by browsing for specific zip codes and cuisines. Whether you are interested in authentic fine-dining Italian food, sushi or even a local cafe, you can find a variety of restaurants available in the South Hampton area when you browse online. Additionally, looking for various restaurants in South Hampton NY online gives you access to menus, prices and even the types of beverages that are offered at each establishment.

Comparing menus, beverages and prices is another way of determining what type of establishment the restaurant is and whether or not there is a dress code enforced or encouraged. Additionally, you can also read real reviews from past customers who have had a dining experience at any of the restaurants you are interested in visiting in the South Hampton area.

When you look online for a restaurant that is right for your next outing in South Hampton online, it is also possible to view photos of both the interior and exterior of the restaurant itself, allowing you to find a location that is ideal for any atmosphere or environment you have in mind for your next dining experience.

Searching online to find the best restaurants in South Hampton helps to save time while also giving you more insight into the types of food you have available to choose from near you. Using online resources to compare restaurants available in the South Hampton area is highly recommended regardless of whether you are seeking out a quick lunch or if you are looking for the finest establishment to make your next date reservations.

For more about restaurants in South Hampton NY, visit

South Hampton NY Restaurants Are Fun to Explore

There are many South Hampton NY restaurants that are fun to explore. Exploring these eateries is fun because they offer travelers many traditional and upscale dishes that are fun to eat with friends. To see why this is the case, let’s explore some of the most popular dishes that you can find in South Hampton’s restaurants.

Many South Hampton NY Restaurants Offer Traditional American Cuisine

There are many South Hampton restaurants that offer diners delicious meatloaves, hamburgers, pot pies and other traditional American dishes. Exploring these restaurants with your friends is fun because they are located in restored farmhouses that offer travelers a fun way to learn about South Hampton’s agricultural history.

Many South Hampton NY Restaurants Offer Upscale Dishes That Are Fun to Eat

There are several upscale South Hampton restaurants that offer discerning diners amazing steaks, lobster dishes and other fancy dishes. Visiting these eateries is fun because they offer patrons an inviting atmosphere that makes planning a fun night out with your friends simple.

Other Restaurants Offer Ethnic Dishes That Showcase South Hampton’s Cultural Diversity

Several South Hampton eateries offer diners delicious Chinese, Indian, Italian and Mexican dishes that are cooked to order using traditional cooking techniques. Exploring these eateries is fun because they offer diners an opportunity to taste delicious dishes that showcase South Hampton’s cultural diversity.

Moreover, Several South Hampton Eateries Offer Diners Fun Ways to Enjoy Locally Produced Foods

There are several South Hampton NY restaurants that use locally grown produce and fresh fish to create many exciting dishes. Visiting these restaurants is fun because they offer diners a fun way to learn about New York State’s agricultural industries that are known for producing some of the world’s finest fruits and vegetables.

As you can see, South Hampton is home to restaurants that offer diners a fun way to explore South Hampton’s culture, history and agricultural heritage. Visiting these eateries with your friends is worthwhile because they offer patrons fantastic service, wonderful food, great desserts and a fun atmosphere that is fun to share with friends.

As a result, be sure to contact your favorite South Hampton NY restaurants today to obtain information about menus and special offers that can help you make the most out of your next visit to the greater South Hampton NY area.

Welcome! This is the Southampton Social Club!

Fresh off a fantastic 2012, Southampton Social Club is back!

Fueled by Chef Scott Kampf’s inviting new menu, Southampton Social Club is open again as the premiere restaurant and cocktail destination in the Hamptons. Currently open Thursdays, Fridays & Saturday nights. Open 6 days a week after Memorial day.

Southampton Social Club is available for Private Events of all shapes and sizes. For more info, visit us at